Our School is, without doubt, the best Boarding school in the whole country. Our boarding service includes Education, residence, and cafeteria, recreational and free clinical service.

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Since our school is boarding and we give residential service to our staff, clinical service is mandatory. Thus we have a fully equipped clinic with a standard medical laboratory.

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Our school's student population is enormous and covers a wide area in Addis and nearby cities. We have school Buses that travel from Gelan to Saris Abo.

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Community service is a big part of our philosophy. The School community participates in various community developments.

For example:- Cleaning the town, planting trees, feeding the hungry, giving out clothes for the needy ones, buying and giving out school materials such as uniform, pen, pencil and bags, for children who their parents cannot afford to supply for them. in addition to that, the School has a program called "CHARITY". in this program the School gives scholarship and free education for needy and economically disadvantageous students. Many young people got advantage because of this program.

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Spiritual activity is the most important program that the School gives for its students and staff. This program helps students to know their God and live God-fearing life. It helps them to understand who they are and where and how they have come to existence. Specially, in this post modernism where so many theories and teachings steal the mind of the young people and pervert their mind from the True God, it is so important to teach and train young people the spiritual aspects of life and connect them to God, the True source of education.

" The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom" Proverbs 1:7 "

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As it is know, today's young people are mostly affected morally, emotionally, psychologically, and even physically due to many unfavorable conditions. In such circumstances, the importance of guiding and helping them is beyond question. Therefore, Guidance and Counseling is one of the most important services the School offers for its students. The School has two expertise, one for high school and one for elementary who dedicatedly serve the students in all aspects of life. Their help covers materials and useful advises.

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Akaki Adventist School is open to everyone regardless of sex, ethnic origin or religious affiliation as long as the applicant meets the requirements.

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